Friday, July 25, 2008

This has been a busier week than I had planned for! There was not one day where I didn't have some errands to run or plans. On Tuesday, we went to a free movie at a local theater. I was pretty concerned because it was Emma's first trip to a movie and, quite frankly, she is not the quietest kid in the bunch. I was pleasantly surprised. She LOVED the movie (Robots) and sat still the whole time. She laughed and danced in her seat. She also ate a whole kid sized popcorn and a quarter of my medium popcorn. (My girl is an eater....) Sam loved that his little sister was able to see a movie with him and he just kept looking at her and smiling during the movie. When we were leaving the movie, I saw they had a photo booth, so I decided we were going to have our pictures taken for the occasion. Sam wasn't too keen on that idea, but he put up with it until the last picture was being taken. You can see him turning to walk away on that one.

Now it's off to go swimming. (and then I get to work all night. Whoo-hoo. Can you feel my excitement?)

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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