Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Happiest 5 Years of My Life.

***This is the post I've been trying to write since March. Sometimes life just gets busy. Just because I didn't have time to write it at the time doesn't mean that I haven't thought about it every single day.***

On March 14, we celebrated five years of our Samiches being home. Five years. Where does the time go? I can remember so vividly when we first got our referral call. It was after 8pm and I was in the shower. Bill was on his way home from work. The phone rang and I answered it, thinking Bill was just calling to say he was running late or something. It was our agency. Would we be interested in a boy born in July (it was the middle of August)? Of course I'll go check my email right away. I knew, before even checking my email, that I was about to see a picture of our son. The world somehow felt completely different. I opened my email and anxiously opened up the email from our agency. Before reading the medical information or anything else, I clicked on the first photo attachment. A beautiful baby boy. Our baby boy. Our son. (Please note: He is also very much his birth mother's son. Please don't think I have forgotten about her.) At that point, Bill finally got home. (I had called him and told him that the agency called. No, I wasn't patient enough to wait until he got home to look at the baby's pictures.) I led Bill to the computer and silently showed him the pictures. We looked at the medicals. We both knew that this was our son. Calls were made to our families and to the agency. The next morning, we were faxing POAs and getting things overnighted to the agency.

In February, we finally got the call. PGN had approved our adoption. Sam was legally our son. In March, we met him for the first time and brought him home. Life has never been the same.

Finally meeting everyone after getting off the airplane.

Sam's first bath at home. Look at that face!

Our sweet boy five years later.

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Michelle Smiles said...

5 years?!? Wow! Congrats on the anniversary but we need to find a way to slow time down!